Review by Yvonne Kirk 8 Nov 2017

- Chicstar Marilyn Dress -

I admit it. I am biased against Chic Star. I never liked their styles or fabric. 
Then I read a review for the other styled Chic Star Rosie dress. Tried that (See the earlier reviews.) and so, emboldened... bought the Marilyn. I was immediately smitten with the feel of the fabric. Which was just as well and the dress and I got entangled with cloth flowing everywhere. I wrangled it on to the hanger to have a look.

What I didn't realise, as I didn't read the small print, was this dress has two LONG ties sewn into each side. Without these, the dress has a plain and in my mind, ugly elastic waistband. A comfortable waistband to be sure, but eh. With the ties wrapped around, magic happens with this dress. The dress is so classic in shape, giving you the perfect 1950s silhouette and that Marilyn Monroe neckline.

The bodice of the dress is just two loose fabric pieces which give the drape. BUT be warned the girls will escape if you attempt to free the two in a 1970s lack of bra attempt. People will get injured. Keeping the girls in place permits the fabric to flows beautifully down to your waistline. The neck attaches to a fullback. (As you see I wasn't wearing a strapless bra, but I will try to use a strap holder mid back to bring the straps off my shoulders. For now, Ignore that) I have tried to show the neck attachment. The centre of the breast fabric has no seam, just overlocked, but the rest of the dress is appropriately seamed.

Sizing. For reference, I wear 2X in Hell Bunny and UK18 Collectif with rare exceptions. My Bust is 40" and waist is 37". This dress is so comfortable. I should have sized down but that would give less drape. This dress is a US18, a size and a bit larger than my usual Au16. I wear hell bunny XL for bust size. The fabric is almost like a t-shirt jersey (Not as fuzzy as a t-shirt). The waistband on mine is held up by the tie as it is big on my waist. The dress pulls slightly down with the weight of the fabric in the skirt. I can pull the ties around me twice. i.e. back to front to back. SO you sizing decision would be.. comfortable and drapey with a double tie or slightly tighter with a single tie. (Front first then back tie. Personable preference. If I had to order again, I think I would size down.

It is a light fabric, a polyester jersey with elastane, so its long-term wear is unknown. I will find out as this is my party season dress pick. 

Now I need a makeup artist, hairdresser and some party invites.

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