Review by Michelle Dircks 29 March 2022


Banned Pineapple Skull Cardigan


Hello kittens 🐱 😊

Dropping in to review this cute banned apparel cardigan. I bought this during warm weather and today was the first day it’s been cool enough to wear it. It’s super stretchy and is a good cropped length but not crazy short. It’s very stretchy and I probably could have gone down a size- I’m wearing a 2xl here. I find the arms to be the perfect length- the HB Paloma cardigans are amazing but a little too long in the arm for me and need a tuck. 😊

This is soft and warm and very comfortable! It does have a tie at the neckline but I
tucked the ties inside the garment as I found it sat better on me. Loving a lot of what banned have to offer and this is no different. 🍍☠️💚

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