Review by Rachael Hoey 21 March 2023


Banned Betsy Bloom Blouse in Red

Lady Vintage Swing Dress in Katz

I'm wearing the Banned Betsy bloom blouse in red... with blouse or tops I never be sure If I should go a 3xl or 4xl This time I decided to go to 3xl and it fits perfectly but if you want a loose fit I'd go a 4xl because the 3xl little tight in some places but
still fits well.

For the Lady Vintage swing dress in Katz print, I was little unsure about it at first until I saw Kitty Deluxe model it but 
then it took me so long to get around to buying it that my usual size 18 or 20, which I usually fit in with Lady vVintage, had sold out and there was only a size 22 left. It still fits which is something I love about Lady Vintage,  I can get any of three sizes and it's still ok with any other brand it too big or too small in say that it loose fit to it and up in shoulder area is little big but still fit everywhere else

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