Pamela Mann Printed Tights in Leopard by Tiffany Toth

Linda Dametto

Review by Tiffany Toth  29 June 2018

*Pamela Mann Printed Tights in Leopard*

Ok just giving some feedback with these

I bought the Pamela Mann leopard print pantyhose is a size 20-26 (ED: Now 20 - 24).
I'm usually around an 18 but accommodate for a pot belly I'll occasionally size up. 

I'm 5'7" and these are really soft but that's about it. 

Even with the size up I'm still walking like a duck as I can't pull the crotch up high enough to be comfortable yet the band being so soft around the waist basically makes it fall off of me.

Disappointed as I thought at least up sizing would take care of this even if the band was up to my rib cage.

I'm not particularly slim on my legs but there is a little bit of play there. I'd say if you were probably bigger than a 20 maybe 22 these would be too tight plus you'd want shorter legs than mine too. 

They are really soft and comfy that way. Not static like a lot of pairs.

Ed Comments:  We are super disappointed in this range too. Since Tiffany purchased these we've re categorised all sizes and redone all the charts working with Pamela Mann.

We are now looking into a new 'curvy; range with them that will solve all the sizing problems we have has with their 'standard' range.

We agree. They are not as plus size as they claim to be, especially when you are taller.

It's only because of customer feedback and reviews that we became aware of the problem and could work toward a solution. We thank everyone who has given us feedback, good and bad.

Anyone who has had a bad experience with our tights in old sizes 20 - 26 and 28 - 32 please email us and we can make you a part of our road test crew with the new range.

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