Chicstar Lizzie 50's Dress in Houndstooth Print by Milena Tsibushkina

Linda Dametto

Review by Milena Tsibushkina 9 Dec 2017
- Chicstar Lizzie 50s Dress in Houndstooth Print - 

Fit: I’ve recently gone back down to a size 16 and so the 44/16 fits like a glove not tight just comfortable. It’s a bit big on my bust but that is due to being the first place to lose weight. 

Fabric: it’s a stretch cotton and feels amazing and light. 

Features: Pockets- 2 of them because where else would I put my charger and phone?, side zip (which isn’t annoying as it’s invisible) and belt which I didn’t wear coz it emphasised the love handles lol however without the pattern meshes it in.

I love it!

Thank you Kitty Deluxe

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